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Hypnotherapy at the Zita West Clinic

I was lucky enough to attend a session of hypnotherapy with Zita West’s practitioner, Maureen at the Clinic in London.

It’s a first for me, having never done anything like his before, so I really didn’t know what to expect.

I arrived at the lovely clinic and was only kept waiting for a few minutes before being whisked to the very top of the building by Maureen, where we talked about my situation. I loved the way she spoke. Really such a positive person and we also talked about her family too.

We talked about some of the negative thoughts I have about trying naturally for baby number 2, my negative feelings about my own body, and my fear of letting my place of work down by having another baby. She really did help me “re-frame” some of my negativity and put a more positive spin on it.

Then the hypnotherapy session started. I lay back on the reclining chair and she began to speak. It was very much like you see on the TV, designed to make you relax but not at any point did I feel I was not in control of my body, my thoughts or my actions.

She set a wonderful scene. I was to imagine myself on a beach surrounded by lovely greenery and a bright sunny day. The session was focused on relaxing and using counting and imagery to do so. When I think back to the day I get a really strong imagine in my mind and its fantastic! It truly does help me feel less anxious and more relaxed.

The actual hypnotherapy last for approximately 20 minutes.

I enjoyed it very much, however, I can see that you would need a number of sessions to really benefit. I really felt very positive when leaving the clinic.The session also gave me some “self hypnosis” tools. When I think about it, it helps me relax and feel less stressed about the whole baby situation.

All in all, its was a fantastic experience, but I think I need to do it a few more times.

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Falling Naturally Pregnant After IVF Treatment

Those who read this blog will know that I’m on the quest to fall pregnant naturally after my 3 rounds of IVF. It would seem strange that I, having gone through so much fertility treatment and so many years of trying to get pregnant without success, would still hold out hope that one day I will miss my period and take that pregnancy test, and it be positive.

In fact if anyone dare say to me that this might happen, I get seriously annoyed. But you can’t stop a girl from hoping!

I met some amazing women on this journey, especially my wonderful cycle buddies from the ARGC. One of them is now naturally pregnant. And this is her story.

 What is your story? What led you to the IVF route for conception?

We got married in 2008 and decided we wanted a family straight away so we started trying in November 2008. I was pregnant by the February which we were over the moon about but unfortunately when I went for my 12 week scan the baby had died at 6 weeks so I had a missed miscarriage as I didn’t bleed or anything we were devastated we started trying again around June but nothing was happening, so in March 2010 I went for acupuncture and was really pleased that the next month I found out I was pregnant. We had a six week scan and all was good, so the next scan was at 12 weeks. At around 11 weeks I had a sharp pain in my left side and went into a panic so phoned the hospital and a day later had a scan to find out the baby had died at 91/2 weeks again another missed miscarriage we were devastated we then went privately for investigation and everything came back normal so we started trying again and by Christmas I still hadn’t got pregnant do I went again to see my doctor and he suggested IVF  as I was now 37 nearing 38 I was again in shock petrified and devastated as I thought I was fertile … When I went to see a consultant he referred me to Liverpool but because ‘ there was nothing wrong with me ‘ hey put me on a year’s waiting list so I would be nearing 39 so I went into a state of panic !! During this time I was talking, texting and emailing my cousin frantically as she is an embryologist and she told me about where she worked and that they deal with  your immune system and your natural killer cells and she thought it would be a good idea to get them tested that’s how I came to use ARGC

I  went down to the ARGC in the May for my initial consultation and I started the monitoring cycle days later as I was at the right time in my cycle and I started down regulating three  weeks later !! Things moved really fast I had my natural killer test done during this time too and surprise, it was through the roof …

Did you try any alternative treatments or take any supplements to support reproductive wellness?

No I didn’t take any other supplements apart from pregnacare duo (the one with the fish oils too) but I did cut out caffeine and aspartame but I have to say I did still keep having a little chocolate

Tell me a bit about your treatment and what your IVF experience was like.

I started down regulating on June 4th, two weeks later I moved to my cousins in London so that I was close to ARGC as you have to be in the morning at 730/8 and I would never have got there from my home in Wales.

Two weeks later I had a scan to see how the down regulating was going and all was good except they found a endometriosis cyst on my left ovary which need to before they could start treatment so the next day I was booked in for a hysteroscopy and my cyst aspiration then on that evening I ‘ got the call ‘ to start injecting, this lasted for approximately 10-12 days then I had to ‘ coast ‘ for two days as my ovaries were over stimulating the cure was to drink four litres of water a day plus my litre of milk – was on the loo loads then I had another scan and ‘ got the call’ to take my pregnyl, then two days later they collected my eggs. I had 26 eggs and as we were having ICSI they called me the next day to say 13 had fertilised which is good. I went to day 5 blasts and had two put back and was so lucky to have two blasts frozen too.

How long after your IVF baby did you find out you were pregnant?

I gave up breast feeding when my daughter was 5 1/2 months   I found out I was pregnant six weeks later.

How long had you been trying for?

This was the first month of trying

What was your reaction?

We were both shocked – still are! The initial reaction was sheer joy and happiness then I went into complete worry and panic as I knew my killer cells were really bad during my pregnancy with Chloe as I had to have IVIG right up until I was 30 weeks pregnant, so I phoned ARGC straight away and they saw me the next day. They started me on clexane, cyclogest, aspirin and told me to get gestone and prednisolone. They monitored my hcg levels and progesterone levels every other day till I got a heart beat at 6 1/2 weeks I was then told to take gestone but as my NK test had come back normal I didn’t need to take prednisolone at the moment I had my NK cells tested a month later and they were normal and then a month later again and they came back normal and no further testing needed wow wee I can’t believe it!

How do you feel about having paid for IVF and are now naturally pregnant?

I feel that if I haven’t have gone to ARGC, that this pregnancy would never have happened to me and that paying for my first cycle of IVF resulted in our little miracle baby girl and I would never regret any penny spent. She is our world and ARGC have supported us in this pregnancy equally even though it’s a natural pregnancy which again is a miracle and we both feel truly blessed and thankful we heard about Mr Taranissi and the ARGC

What are you going to do with your frozen embryos?

I honestly don’t know what we are going to do with our frozen embryos

Do you have any words of wisdom for those struggling with infertility?

All I can say is, I put all my trust and faith in Mr T and I did everything he suggested or advised without questioning it. I stayed very very positive throughout my treatment and I kept myself to myself apart from a handful of friends that I’m still in contact with now and without their support wouldn’t have been so positive. Try to stay away from waiting room negativity and chat rooms as they will only bring you down and make you worry listen to the nurses and doctors they are honest they will tell you if there is a problem but the girls in the waiting room don’t know your history, so please don’t listen to anyone else and believe me I never thought it would happen for me and it did!!

Are there any differences between your IVF pregnancy and this one?

No the only difference to this pregnancy is the sickness till about 14 weeks and the tiredness is really bad but I think it’s because I have a 9 1/2 month old to run after and entertain now so I can’t sneak a sneaky sleep in the afternoon

As you can see everyone has a different story and there can still be hope after infertility. Maybe there is hope for me after all?

I would love to hear your story too.

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Temping and Charting

For the first time in what feels like weeks, I am beginning to feel more like myself again. I’ve still got horrendous pain in my jaw which sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night.When that happens I get up, stuff some pain killers in my mouth, read the Daily Mail on line and fall back to sleep.  But I’ve managed to keep up with the temping and charting for fertility and to see when I’m ovulating.

My tonsilitis is clearing I think as I feel less like the walking dead. So hopefully, next week can be a positive week for me.

Although I’ve been ill, I’ve been taking my temperature daily in order to do charting. I wanted to see if I was ovulated when I think I am. This would be the first time I have ever done it because, quite frankly I’m terrible at any sort of figure/maths type work and even though I have an electronic thermometer I’m dubious as to whether its accurate or whether I’m even taking the reading correctly. For me there are just so many variables and ways I can be inaccurate.

I got the Fertility Friend BBT Tracker from the website, entered my temps and it turned out “ovulation not detected”. I know I ovulate, from all the tests I’ve had done over all the infertile years, so I’ve got to be doing something wrong! I’ve attached the chart below. Think I’ll keep going and see what next month brings. I knew I would probably get it all wrong. I’ve fairly sure my electronic thermometer from ASDA is up the creak! £16 well spent then! Balls!

Or maybe I’m not ovulating?? Argh, more fertility issues to stress over.

I am going to work for 2 days next week, oh joy! I am also delivering free samples of my tea to show some interested people that its lovely and that they should buy some to compliment their trying for baby efforts. The stuff is great. Go to my website http://www.assistfertility.co.uk. I’m hoping these people will write some reviews for me to.Image


Yoga and Work

I managed to get to the Iyengar yoga class again. It really is unlike any Yoga I’ve ever been too and, I think I know why:


Yes, yes, I know its Wikipedia, but the info is fairly comprehensive.

We used belts and blocks in this class, and the teacher accused me of not listening to her! How very rude! I quite enjoyed it, the teacher read some interesting words from Mr Iyengar himself. I quite liked the spiritual side of it. Something about, Yoga helps us to know ourselves and by knowing ourselves we become strong and happier.

When I got my infertile diagnosis, what happened after that really taught me to “know” myself. Now I know that strength of will and refusing to be beaten are integral to my personality. I’m certainly a much stronger person.

And that is good.

Someone once said to me,

“everything will be alright in the end, and if its not alright, its not the end”

I totally live by that. Love that quote.

The second big thing to happen this week is,  I went to work for the day! Eeeek! I hadn’t stepped into that office in over 9 months. Work head most certainly wasn’t on and I kept forgetting to speak! Haha! Trying to communicate with my colleagues was an interesting one. I’m back tomorrow for round 2!

Still trying for baby nos 2 the natural way.I wonder if I’ll ever get that “happy accident”?

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DHEA – supplemental plus catch up on my general fertility fun!

DHEA update……………….massive boil appeared on my back!! Dammit!

Still taking it though!

Missed Iyengar yoga this week, such a shame as really wanted to get there but I had to attend the birthday of my friends little boy Jack. He was 1. She is a PCOS sufferer but managed to have the baby without any intervention. How? I dont know how anyone else gets pregnant naturally. I’d love that feeling. I wondered what a missed period would be like, because for me it probably means I’ve actually hit the menopause, rather then I’m up the duff!! haha!

I’ve been recommended to try Royal Jelly, so thats what I’m going to do.

Did anyone see the stuff on December the 11 being the most fertile day for those in the UK and USA?? What do you think? Totally load of old rubbish or not??

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