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I am Fat

I am fat

I am fat

I am fat.

I’m not entirely sure how I now manage to weigh 2 stone more then my pre-ttc weight. The last stone has crept on after I had my son, in fact that last stone crept on in the last 3/4 months.

My arms look like the Michelin Man, and I look like I’ve swallowed a duvet.

I am not a pretty sight. Luckily I’m not at the stage where I have to buy a new wardrobe to accommodate my ever increasing thighs, but I’m ever so close.

To top it all off, I do not feel very good, neither health-wise, nor mood-wise. After  my failed IVF I decided that enough is enough. So I contacted Kelly from Fit not Thin @FitNotThin.

Initially, I was convinced my expanding stomach was due to damaged muscles due to carrying a baby, but given that I gave birth to him nearly 2 years ago, cant really hide behind that tired old excuse, can I!? And Kelly confirmed that there is not much wrong with my actual stomach muscles. Although, she could be wrong, she had to press down through an awful lot of fat to reach them, that’s for sure!

So here’s what’s happening, I am no longer eating cake. I am not eating carbs. I am eating salad. Lots of salad.

I see Kelly 2/3 per month. The sessions are excellent and all about weights and using the vibrating machines at the Re-vitalise Studio in Hove. I’m really loving it.

Sadly, I have also discovered a correlation between my coffee consumption and weight gain, i.e. the more coffee I drink, the more weight I gain.

Goddammit, no coffee, no fags and no cake.







Now that I am no longer going through any fertility treatments etc, and I am off work at the moment, I have been able to spend the last two weeks hitting the gym, which I love.

I’m not listening to music during my gym work out, I’m listening to podcasts. I’m really enjoying this and find it way more interesting and education then listening to music.

I wanted to share with you 3 podcasts that I am currently enjoying and that I feel are really good.


“The Jillian Michaels Show”

She is an American health and fitness guru (you might have seen her on he tv). She talks about fitness, training, health and happiness.


“Patrick Holford Food is Medicine”

This podcast gives info on what to eat and how to supplement. Lots of good, healthy tips and advice.


“How Einstein would get pregnant”

Blog series by the creator of Circle and Bloom. This podcast looks at mind-brain-body connections. Really interested in this as I’ve always been dubious as to this connection.

All 3 are great and really interesting as I’m getting more interested in health and fitness.

Do you have any interesting Podcasts you want to share with me?



3 Marathons in 3 Weeks

No, not me! I couldn’t do 3 Marathons in 3 weeks. But I know a crazy girl who can.

My lovely friend Leanne, is indeed running these marathons. I would love to be able to do this myself but I’m just not a runner. I’ve tried desperately to do jogging but I’m just not good at it. I don’t have the stamina.

I am totally intrigued and in awe of marathon runners and with that in mind, “interviewed” Leanne about her crazy marathon-ing schedule and this is what she said:

How long have you been running?
Since January 2010
What is your motivation?
Not sure really….  Initially it was just to be able to complete the Brighton Marathon, and after that it just continued……
How many marathons and running events have you done previously and how well did you do?
I’ve taken part in numerous “Race for Life’s”, which are 5K events for Cancer Research. When I started running with Burgess Hill Runners (BHR) I took part in lots of WSFRL (West Sussex Fun Run League) races…  With regards to marathons and half marathons, I’ve done the following

  • Eastbourne Half – March ‘ 11 – 2.24
  • Brighton Marathon – April ’11 – 5.45
  • Brighton Half – Feb ’12 – 2.23
  • Brighton Marathon – April ’12 – 5.10
  • Barns Green Half – Sept ’12 – 2.30

How do you feel when you are running? Id what is it about running that you enjoy?
Exhilarated – I absolutely love it!  I feel free and I feel amazing.  What I love about it most, is that I love the freedom of being alone with your thoughts and being able to box them up and deal with them – it’s a great stress reliever!  I also love listening to music when I am running alone and running to the beat of my favourite dance tracks!  Whoop……

How long does it take you to train for a marathon?
I start training hard in January and then I train up until the week before. At the moment I currently do a “long” run on a Sunday, with a shorter run on Monday and then another longer run on Wednesday. When the light improves in the evenings, I will also be out running on Friday nights too.

What is your training schedule like?
“Training” starts initially at around 8-10 miles (so you need to get your base miles up to this before Christmas)….and the increase in miles is about 10-20% each week (on your long run).  Sundays are long run days… Training starts to get harder after about 13 miles! 

Who are your running buddies?
I run with Burgess Hill Runners who are amazing and who have given me so much support!   We’re on Twitter – BHRunners_UK 

Do you use/have any special equipment? shoes, straps, clothes??
They say that running is a cheap sport..it’s not!  Shoes cost a fortune – I buy new shoes every 6-9 months!  I always have my GAIT analysed too.  I have dri-fit clothing, SKINS and fluro tops so that I can be seen when running at night!  My lycra running tights are a nice touch too!

What is recovery like?
Recovery after a normal run is fine…. Recovery after a longer run means that I need to take in food/drink at least 20 mins after I arrive home – otherwise I get too knackered and my body won’t recover properly!  Recovery after a marathon takes about a week…. Ummmmmm!

What are your thoughts regarding running 3 marathons in 3 weeks??
Well, I have no choice now. I’ve signed up to do it….and I wlll!  I think that because I am running for a cause that is so close to my heart it will help me along the way! It’s all about being mentally strong enough, not just physically strong enough!  Here’s a link to my sponsorship page –  

Are you actually mad??!! ha!

Tell me what running has done for your fitness and body confidence levels.
I am so much fitter than I have EVER been, not only that but I am more toned too – although i do incorporate Yoga into my training (and lots of sports massages that help me)!!  I don’t have body confidence issues anymore – I understand that I might not have the skiniest legs or the most toned arms, but there are not many people whose bodies have been honed to run marathons…both mentally and physically!  I also think that I am mentally stronger now too.

When are your marathons happening?
Sunday 14th April – Brighton
Sunday 21st April – London
Sunday 28th April – Manchester

How do you feel?
At the moment I am feeling nervous, but also excited!  I know that I’ll be fine!

There you have it. Leanne is officially mad but I’m totally in awe of her.

She is running for the Dementia Charity, YPWD (Young People With Dementia). This is a charity very dear to her heart.

Please send her some love and luck XImage