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I think I feel normal

Finally, I think I feel normal.

I’ve been sick for 2 weeks now. Actually, properly, sick. I still have a horrible, hacking cough but, I feel well and not unhappy.

Moving on from the ectopic was actually very hard, made harder by having to have the methotrexate injection. But now there is some distance between me and the “event”  I actually feel ok. In fact, not being able to TTC for 3 months due to the methotrexate is a welcome relief and a welcome break from my Infertility. I little bit of positive in a world full of negative. I cant even try to get up the duff for another month and a half.

So thats me in a nutshell really. Not a lot to report, but I’m just trying to reach my new normal. It is also weird that I can no longer be categorised as infertile, given I’ve been pregnant twice in 11 months. That fact alone gives me some real hope for my future ttc chances.

I’m back on the supplements now too. I’m trying a new one called Macqui. Its an anti-inflamatory and an anti-oxident. Its great for anti-aging basically. Hopefully it will anti-aging my tired, old eggs!

I am still really struggling with trying to quit Caffeine. Argh!! Why?? I can quit absolutely everything else with no issue, including cigarettes, why cant I quit coffee???!!!

I’m setting myself a 7 day challenge. No starbucks and no sugar for 7 days. Do you think I can do it?


Yoga and Work

I managed to get to the Iyengar yoga class again. It really is unlike any Yoga I’ve ever been too and, I think I know why:


Yes, yes, I know its Wikipedia, but the info is fairly comprehensive.

We used belts and blocks in this class, and the teacher accused me of not listening to her! How very rude! I quite enjoyed it, the teacher read some interesting words from Mr Iyengar himself. I quite liked the spiritual side of it. Something about, Yoga helps us to know ourselves and by knowing ourselves we become strong and happier.

When I got my infertile diagnosis, what happened after that really taught me to “know” myself. Now I know that strength of will and refusing to be beaten are integral to my personality. I’m certainly a much stronger person.

And that is good.

Someone once said to me,

“everything will be alright in the end, and if its not alright, its not the end”

I totally live by that. Love that quote.

The second big thing to happen this week is,  I went to work for the day! Eeeek! I hadn’t stepped into that office in over 9 months. Work head most certainly wasn’t on and I kept forgetting to speak! Haha! Trying to communicate with my colleagues was an interesting one. I’m back tomorrow for round 2!

Still trying for baby nos 2 the natural way.I wonder if I’ll ever get that “happy accident”?

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Increase your egg health

Just been reading a really interesting article about improving egg health.

If you’ve been reading my blog you will know that my poor little eggs are well past their prime! I’ve had a number of FSH tests done. The first one came back as 19.8 (I understand that when it reaches 20 you are considered in your menopause). I’ve had a couple of others that were around 10/12 which isn’t great considering I was in my early 30’s at the time. (For NHS funded IVF your FSH must be below 10)

The FSH test on the month I did get pregnant, ,my level was 7.1 – totally normal.

What I like about this article is that it talks about eggs being on a 90 day cycle and that there is a way to improve their quality. Most NHS doctors dispute this claim I believe. I suppose it’s all about the “medium” they are grown/matured in. So if you provide a nurturing and healthy place for them to grow, they will be the best they can be.

I love taking natural supplements actually and love finding new ones too! And I’m selling fertility tea, as I love the feeling of doing something nurturing for my fertility every day. My website is http://www.assistfertility.co.uk

click this link to see the article I was reading: