Acupuncture – 5 Element

I’ve been trying something new. 5 Element Acupuncture.

I’ve had loads of acupuncture in the past. I’ve always found it pretty relaxing and the sessions really stress relieving, but I wanted to try something new. I’m always on a quest to try and “fix” my infertility.

Luckily for me, the 5 element practitioner works in the building over the road from my office.

The major differences between 5 element and “normal” or traditional acupuncture is that moxa is used and the needles are inserted and then pulled out. And also, it does actually hurt! In fact, the practioner actually wants you to feel the needles going in!

At my first appointment, my practioner placed needles all up my spine, and viewed where the entry points were red. This was to indicate where I needed the needles to be inserted at the other points in my body.

Once that was done, Liz the acupunturist, used moxa on points on my chest, stomach and feet.

Moxa is Mugwort and is used to warm up the points in preparation for the needles to be inserted. The intention is to get the blood and the qi flowing.

It’s pretty pungent stuff! I walk out of the treatment room smelling like I’ve been smoking a million fags!

I really do need to do more research on the benefits, but I love trying new things out and I’m enjoying the experience, even if it does hurt a fair amount!

I will certainly let you know how I get on! If you have any 5 element acupuncture stories, please share them with me!



3 responses to “Acupuncture – 5 Element

  1. This is so interesting because what you have described is exactly what happened at my 1st acupuncture session on Tuesday! As I’ve never been before I presumed this was standard and that I was over sensitive to the needles as I’d been told you couldn’t feel it.
    I also stank because of the moxa!
    I really enjoyed it though and I’m back next week for another session 🙂 x

    • Was it quite painful? Did they put the needle in and then pull it out when you begin to feel it? That sounds like 5 element to me! Traditional normally involves leaving the needles in whilst you relax for 20 mins or so.

      What are you doing acupuncture for?

    • Good luck for next week! I’ve cancelled mine this week as just had Methotexate and can’t do any ttc for next 3 months. Don’t want to waste my money! Xx

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