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Fertility Massage

A couple of weeks ago I went and had a fertility  massage. It was a first for me. I have done lots of complimentary treatments for fertility, but a massage was a first.

What had led me to fertility massage?  A conversation I had with a lovely lady who runs a baby group I’ve taken my son to. She told me she had been diagnosed with infertility issues and had managed to conceive naturally by having acupuncture, fertility massage and doing fertility yoga.

I went to see Jo Kellett who works from home and is fairly local to me, here in Brighton.

She lives in a lovely part of Brighton and her home is beautiful!

I was with her for over an hour in total. We started the session by going through my fertility issues and what I wanted to achieve from the session. And then the actual massage started.

I’ve only ever had a massage once and that was when I was pregnant. I must admit I found it all a bit awkward to be honest! But not so with Jo, she is wonderfully warm in personality and puts you very much at ease.

A part of the reason I went to see her was because my period had gone AWOL. I am a very regular 26 day kinda girl but this was day 33. Not hugely late, but a first for me. Obviously I immediately start thinking its the menopause! Anyway, hey presto, my period started the morning after seeing Jo!

A coincidence? I think not!

After the session has concluded, Jo sent me away with a bottle of my own personally blended massage oil – a mixture of rose, damiana and grapefruit. Its beautiful stuff and I massage it into my belly nightly!

Overall, an excellent and highly beneficial experience. I can totally recommend he services to you!

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