Temping and Charting

For the first time in what feels like weeks, I am beginning to feel more like myself again. I’ve still got horrendous pain in my jaw which sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night.When that happens I get up, stuff some pain killers in my mouth, read the Daily Mail on line and fall back to sleep.  But I’ve managed to keep up with the temping and charting for fertility and to see when I’m ovulating.

My tonsilitis is clearing I think as I feel less like the walking dead. So hopefully, next week can be a positive week for me.

Although I’ve been ill, I’ve been taking my temperature daily in order to do charting. I wanted to see if I was ovulated when I think I am. This would be the first time I have ever done it because, quite frankly I’m terrible at any sort of figure/maths type work and even though I have an electronic thermometer I’m dubious as to whether its accurate or whether I’m even taking the reading correctly. For me there are just so many variables and ways I can be inaccurate.

I got the Fertility Friend BBT Tracker from the website, entered my temps and it turned out “ovulation not detected”. I know I ovulate, from all the tests I’ve had done over all the infertile years, so I’ve got to be doing something wrong! I’ve attached the chart below. Think I’ll keep going and see what next month brings. I knew I would probably get it all wrong. I’ve fairly sure my electronic thermometer from ASDA is up the creak! £16 well spent then! Balls!

Or maybe I’m not ovulating?? Argh, more fertility issues to stress over.

I am going to work for 2 days next week, oh joy! I am also delivering free samples of my tea to show some interested people that its lovely and that they should buy some to compliment their trying for baby efforts. The stuff is great. Go to my website http://www.assistfertility.co.uk. I’m hoping these people will write some reviews for me to.Image



4 responses to “Temping and Charting

  1. hi Jo, your readings are unlikely to be reflecting your normal cycle because you haven’t been well. the spike on day13 suggests you may have ovulated but because the temps drop abruptly down again means there is likely to be some fertility health issues. once you get a “normal” set of temps these issues can be assessed more clearly. I’m happy to advise you if you would like. do you know how to assess your fertile window and check for ovulation from your fertile signs? my info pages may be of interest. I have a whole section of info pages about charting including info about checking fertile signs and fertile window the intro page is here: http://www.etcm.co.uk/fertility/bbt-chart/ also some of the pages are displayed on a pinboard at pinterest which helps you to glance at what pages may be of interest http://pinterest.com/janeetcm/my-natural-fertility-clinic-etcmfertility/. hope you make a full recovery soon!

    Jane Johnson
    acupuncturist | herbalist | Yoga therapist | natural fertility specialist
    web: http://www.etcm.co.uk
    facebook: Like my page for free daily health tips http://www.facebook.com/pages/ETCM/175887802535852

    • Thank you for taking the time to look at the chart. Yes I’ve been really unwell and still am! Living on pain killer right now. I will definitely take a look at your info and keep temping.

      As you will see from the blog, I definitely do have fertility issues including high fsh and low amh. Could this show up on the temping chart?

      Thanks again and let’s keep in touch

  2. happy to help Jo – there’s a lot of insight into fertility health from the BBT chart that isn’t common knowledge – i’ve noticed because of client conversations and reading comments made by women who use FertilityFriend and related apps. The BBT chart gives a whole picture view of a woman’s health (kind of like the sum of all parts). the whole picture view can reveal issues that are hidden from the “detailed view” that a couple gets when they have medical tests done – as in unexplained infertility situations.

    the issues you mentioned – high fsh | low amh are likely to reveal in a big picture view as abnormalities on your chart.

    as a practitioner I would usually diagnose this according to traditional chinese medical principles which can lead to self-help and therapies suggestions.

    • Ok. So probably a really bad month to start temping as I’ve been so ill. And to be honest I still am. Do ill keep going and show you results.

      Thank you for your support

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