The festive period

So it’s feels like ages since I last posted. I’ve had a horrible festive period! I got my AF on Chrimbo day, I was in A&E on New Year Day and all between the two I was sick. Uggh!!

I was prescribed pain relief so strong and horrible one of the side effects was neural tube defects in pregnancies! No thanks! I shall not be taking you!

I’ve started charting as well. Unbelievably I’ve never done it before! Probably because I’m not that good with figures or any type of maths!! So I’m giving it a go. Need to download the chart from Fertility Friends website.

I’m also back on the supplements:
Multi Vit
Evening primrose
Royal jelly
Co enzyme q10

I’ve heard things about melotonin but was told by Holland and Barrett that you can’t buy that in the UK and that I’m best off trying 5HTP. Anyone heard of this?

In other news, I cannot praise the benefits of emu oil more!!!! My IPL laser burn is nearly gone and my wrinkles are loads better!!!! Amaze balls!!

I’m waiting on my Fertility Tea suppliers to produce their fresh batch next week and send to me. So get your orders in!

A very merry new year to you all!!!



3 responses to “The festive period

  1. Sorry to hear you had such an appalling crimbo lovely, hope you got my last message. Why on earth were you in A & E?? Nothing too horrendous I hope. I still love you lots and am wishing you lots of uber positive WHOOSH pregnanacy vibes,- am guessing you must be at it lots?! How do you find the time space and energy??? There is little of all of those in this house. I am feeling very very hopeful for you, and optimistic, I have quite a few chums who had feritility treatment muchos for their firsts and have since had ‘happy accidents’, don’t stop believing lovely. WHOOSH Whoosh Whoosh. PS; love that you are blogging. xxxxxxx PS; how’s the baby tea business going,- much success yet?! xxxxxx

    • Hello! I was in A&E because the pain in my jaw could only be liken to child birth and I developed chest pain and vomiting. On the mend now but still got lots of jaw pain!

      Glad you enjoyed the blog. You can also follow me on twitter if you use that? I’m on as assist fertility.

      If you have friends who’ve spontaneously got pregnant after fertility treatment I would LOVE to hear their story. Can you pass on my details and get them to contact me via Facebook or email me their story at
      I would really appreciate that if you wouldn’t mind!?

      Sending you lots of love and plenty of whoosh!!! Xxx

    • Ps yes – orders for tea now coming in so even more busy these days!! Huzzah!

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