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Zita West – Vitafem Boost

Last time I was trying to get pregnant I took the Zita West supplement, Vitafem Boost (alongside, many other supplements and herbs). The reason I love this product is because it contains 2 really important and fabulous ingredients, Resveratrol and Pycnogenol.I had heard a lot about these two ingredients before discovering that they were in the Zita West product. Separately they are actually pretty expensive to buy. Not to mention having to take a multitude of different supplements every day. This product “wraps them all up” together.

I did a lot of research on supplements to help my personal situation which was high FSH and therefore, aged eggs that were of poor quality. I was looking for a product which could help guard against any further deterioration of my eggs, with a view to using one of my own eggs during my IVF cycle, one that might actually turn into a baby!

There is strong, positive evidence in support of the benefits of both Resveratrol and Pycnogenol. Resveratrol is a power antioxidant which can help guard against age related infertility. Or in my case I had hoped it would help guard against further deterioration of my rapidly aging egg supply. Pycnogenol is another super antioxidant, it is also an anti inflammatory, and it can help improve egg health. It is also good for improving sperm health.On a more general note, these herbs are both pretty good anti aging products too! Bonus benefit!

Vitafem Boost also contains selenium, vitamin E, manganese, ALA and Acetyl Cysteine, all antioxidants which may help protect the developing egg cells. The product needs to be taken for roughly 3 months as egg development takes 90 days and the thinking is, the better the environment the eggs matures in, the better quality it will be. Well that’s the thinking – hoping – praying anyway!

Most healthcare professionals say that egg quality cannot be improved due to females being born with all the eggs they will ever need. I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking as I think the environment that the egg matures can contribute to the health of the egg. But it’s up to you to decide which side of the fence you sit on that argument.

I have just ordered a new supply of this Zita West product. I cant wait to start taking it!

You can buy it online through the Zita West website.

3 Marathons in 3 Weeks

No, not me! I couldn’t do 3 Marathons in 3 weeks. But I know a crazy girl who can.

My lovely friend Leanne, is indeed running these marathons. I would love to be able to do this myself but I’m just not a runner. I’ve tried desperately to do jogging but I’m just not good at it. I don’t have the stamina.

I am totally intrigued and in awe of marathon runners and with that in mind, “interviewed” Leanne about her crazy marathon-ing schedule and this is what she said:

How long have you been running?
Since January 2010
What is your motivation?
Not sure really….  Initially it was just to be able to complete the Brighton Marathon, and after that it just continued……
How many marathons and running events have you done previously and how well did you do?
I’ve taken part in numerous “Race for Life’s”, which are 5K events for Cancer Research. When I started running with Burgess Hill Runners (BHR) I took part in lots of WSFRL (West Sussex Fun Run League) races…  With regards to marathons and half marathons, I’ve done the following

  • Eastbourne Half – March ‘ 11 – 2.24
  • Brighton Marathon – April ’11 – 5.45
  • Brighton Half – Feb ’12 – 2.23
  • Brighton Marathon – April ’12 – 5.10
  • Barns Green Half – Sept ’12 – 2.30

How do you feel when you are running? Id what is it about running that you enjoy?
Exhilarated – I absolutely love it!  I feel free and I feel amazing.  What I love about it most, is that I love the freedom of being alone with your thoughts and being able to box them up and deal with them – it’s a great stress reliever!  I also love listening to music when I am running alone and running to the beat of my favourite dance tracks!  Whoop……

How long does it take you to train for a marathon?
I start training hard in January and then I train up until the week before. At the moment I currently do a “long” run on a Sunday, with a shorter run on Monday and then another longer run on Wednesday. When the light improves in the evenings, I will also be out running on Friday nights too.

What is your training schedule like?
“Training” starts initially at around 8-10 miles (so you need to get your base miles up to this before Christmas)….and the increase in miles is about 10-20% each week (on your long run).  Sundays are long run days… Training starts to get harder after about 13 miles! 

Who are your running buddies?
I run with Burgess Hill Runners who are amazing and who have given me so much support!   We’re on Twitter – BHRunners_UK 

Do you use/have any special equipment? shoes, straps, clothes??
They say that running is a cheap’s not!  Shoes cost a fortune – I buy new shoes every 6-9 months!  I always have my GAIT analysed too.  I have dri-fit clothing, SKINS and fluro tops so that I can be seen when running at night!  My lycra running tights are a nice touch too!

What is recovery like?
Recovery after a normal run is fine…. Recovery after a longer run means that I need to take in food/drink at least 20 mins after I arrive home – otherwise I get too knackered and my body won’t recover properly!  Recovery after a marathon takes about a week…. Ummmmmm!

What are your thoughts regarding running 3 marathons in 3 weeks??
Well, I have no choice now. I’ve signed up to do it….and I wlll!  I think that because I am running for a cause that is so close to my heart it will help me along the way! It’s all about being mentally strong enough, not just physically strong enough!  Here’s a link to my sponsorship page –

Are you actually mad??!! ha!

Tell me what running has done for your fitness and body confidence levels.
I am so much fitter than I have EVER been, not only that but I am more toned too – although i do incorporate Yoga into my training (and lots of sports massages that help me)!!  I don’t have body confidence issues anymore – I understand that I might not have the skiniest legs or the most toned arms, but there are not many people whose bodies have been honed to run marathons…both mentally and physically!  I also think that I am mentally stronger now too.

When are your marathons happening?
Sunday 14th April – Brighton
Sunday 21st April – London
Sunday 28th April – Manchester

How do you feel?
At the moment I am feeling nervous, but also excited!  I know that I’ll be fine!

There you have it. Leanne is officially mad but I’m totally in awe of her.

She is running for the Dementia Charity, YPWD (Young People With Dementia). This is a charity very dear to her heart.

Please send her some love and luck XImage


Temping and Charting

For the first time in what feels like weeks, I am beginning to feel more like myself again. I’ve still got horrendous pain in my jaw which sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night.When that happens I get up, stuff some pain killers in my mouth, read the Daily Mail on line and fall back to sleep.  But I’ve managed to keep up with the temping and charting for fertility and to see when I’m ovulating.

My tonsilitis is clearing I think as I feel less like the walking dead. So hopefully, next week can be a positive week for me.

Although I’ve been ill, I’ve been taking my temperature daily in order to do charting. I wanted to see if I was ovulated when I think I am. This would be the first time I have ever done it because, quite frankly I’m terrible at any sort of figure/maths type work and even though I have an electronic thermometer I’m dubious as to whether its accurate or whether I’m even taking the reading correctly. For me there are just so many variables and ways I can be inaccurate.

I got the Fertility Friend BBT Tracker from the website, entered my temps and it turned out “ovulation not detected”. I know I ovulate, from all the tests I’ve had done over all the infertile years, so I’ve got to be doing something wrong! I’ve attached the chart below. Think I’ll keep going and see what next month brings. I knew I would probably get it all wrong. I’ve fairly sure my electronic thermometer from ASDA is up the creak! £16 well spent then! Balls!

Or maybe I’m not ovulating?? Argh, more fertility issues to stress over.

I am going to work for 2 days next week, oh joy! I am also delivering free samples of my tea to show some interested people that its lovely and that they should buy some to compliment their trying for baby efforts. The stuff is great. Go to my website I’m hoping these people will write some reviews for me to.Image


Still sick!

Unbelievable! I’m still sick! Only now I have tonsillitis, and so does the baby. Could not feel worse if I tried!

I’m also now back at work doing my “keeping in touch days”. I am determined to get the full maternity benefit given I’ve paid so much tax over the years!

Quite enjoying the freedom at work but that’s because it’s not serious at the moment. I wonder how they would take the news I was trying for another baby and needed more time off for IVF ! Supportive last time, what about this time?!

Not called the fertility clinic yet! Scared to find out just how bad my FSH has got!

I’m having a baby blessing for my wee man on Saturday! Really good opportunity for a party. Now if I can just stop feeling so very minging, I might just enjoy myself!!

The festive period

So it’s feels like ages since I last posted. I’ve had a horrible festive period! I got my AF on Chrimbo day, I was in A&E on New Year Day and all between the two I was sick. Uggh!!

I was prescribed pain relief so strong and horrible one of the side effects was neural tube defects in pregnancies! No thanks! I shall not be taking you!

I’ve started charting as well. Unbelievably I’ve never done it before! Probably because I’m not that good with figures or any type of maths!! So I’m giving it a go. Need to download the chart from Fertility Friends website.

I’m also back on the supplements:
Multi Vit
Evening primrose
Royal jelly
Co enzyme q10

I’ve heard things about melotonin but was told by Holland and Barrett that you can’t buy that in the UK and that I’m best off trying 5HTP. Anyone heard of this?

In other news, I cannot praise the benefits of emu oil more!!!! My IPL laser burn is nearly gone and my wrinkles are loads better!!!! Amaze balls!!

I’m waiting on my Fertility Tea suppliers to produce their fresh batch next week and send to me. So get your orders in!

A very merry new year to you all!!!