Yoga and Work

I managed to get to the Iyengar yoga class again. It really is unlike any Yoga I’ve ever been too and, I think I know why:

Yes, yes, I know its Wikipedia, but the info is fairly comprehensive.

We used belts and blocks in this class, and the teacher accused me of not listening to her! How very rude! I quite enjoyed it, the teacher read some interesting words from Mr Iyengar himself. I quite liked the spiritual side of it. Something about, Yoga helps us to know ourselves and by knowing ourselves we become strong and happier.

When I got my infertile diagnosis, what happened after that really taught me to “know” myself. Now I know that strength of will and refusing to be beaten are integral to my personality. I’m certainly a much stronger person.

And that is good.

Someone once said to me,

“everything will be alright in the end, and if its not alright, its not the end”

I totally live by that. Love that quote.

The second big thing to happen this week is,  I went to work for the day! Eeeek! I hadn’t stepped into that office in over 9 months. Work head most certainly wasn’t on and I kept forgetting to speak! Haha! Trying to communicate with my colleagues was an interesting one. I’m back tomorrow for round 2!

Still trying for baby nos 2 the natural way.I wonder if I’ll ever get that “happy accident”?

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