DHEA – supplemental plus catch up on my general fertility fun!

DHEA update……………….massive boil appeared on my back!! Dammit!

Still taking it though!

Missed Iyengar yoga this week, such a shame as really wanted to get there but I had to attend the birthday of my friends little boy Jack. He was 1. She is a PCOS sufferer but managed to have the baby without any intervention. How? I dont know how anyone else gets pregnant naturally. I’d love that feeling. I wondered what a missed period would be like, because for me it probably means I’ve actually hit the menopause, rather then I’m up the duff!! haha!

I’ve been recommended to try Royal Jelly, so thats what I’m going to do.

Did anyone see the stuff on December the 11 being the most fertile day for those in the UK and USA?? What do you think? Totally load of old rubbish or not??

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