I’ve decided to start taking DHEA again. I took this before when I was trying to get pregnant. I took it in the 6 months prior to getting my positive pregnancy test.

Its an interesting one because the side effects were hideous! Terrible spots, and not just pimples, literally boils, all over my face, chest and back. When you are feeling horrible in general due to infertility, the last thing you want is to also look pretty horrible too. But there did seem to be good evidence of DHEA working well for those with knackered eggs! So that’s what made me continue to take it.

As I’m sure you will remember from my earlier post, my initial FSH result was 19.8. After taking DHEA, and on the month I went ahead with my third and successful round of IVF, it had been reduced to 7.1. Which is entirely normal.

So good news indeed. And it made all the boils worth while in the end.

It did increase my progesterone level (hence spots) as DHEA is a “mother hormone” and your body will convert it in to all sorts of different hormones, mine used it to create an excess of progesterone. High progesterone is not good when starting an IVF cycle, nor can I imagine would it be good if you were trying naturally. But 2 days after I stopped taking it my progesterone had gone back to normal levels. Therefore, a small price to pay for such a dramatic drop in my FSH levels and, what I’m assuming was an increase in my egg quality.

So I’ve started to take it again. But not in such a high dose. Cant handle those blasted spots that’s for sure.

I’ve been reading about Red Clover being beneficial to those “older woman” looking to conceive. Although I’m not yet 40, my eggs have surely aged badly, so I always like to read the literature with those over 40 in mind. Red Clover is in the tea that I am selling, and drinking. Have a look at my Facebook page for more info.


So, who else is taking DHEA or has experience taking it? Good or bad, I’d love to hear from you.


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