Iyengar Yoga

Today  I did an Iyengar Yoga class. I had read about it in the book Inconceivable. It was one of the many things the author did in order to get pregnant.

Luckily they run this class in my gym. I did enjoy it. It was good for stretching but I do struggle to see how a yoga class can help a persons fertility? Yes it was relaxing and nice to have a break from things, it just didn’t feel very dynamic. But here’s the thing. I’m still going to carry on going to this class. It certainly cannot do any harm that’s for sure! And maybe I’ll just get very bendy!?

The teacher was very interesting too.  A small, thin woman who barked out her instruction to the class. And made those not quite doing the pose right, re-set and do it over until they got it right! Not particularly Zen! Haha!

So that’s me for the day. Just waiting for the boiler man to come now – oooooh, the glamour!

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