A brief history of my fertility fun

I thought I would write a post about all the “fun” I had whilst trying for a baby. A bit of a brief history. And I would love to hear from others who have been or are in the same boat as me with a similar diagnosis.

I had been on the pill since I was 18 when I got married at 31 so I stopped taking it then. My mother had struggled to have me for years so I always had a vague appreciation that getting pregnant may be a struggle for me too. It had taken mum, 5 years to have me but her fertility issue was that she was not ovulating. She had been given Clomid but not taken it I understand.

So I came off the pill and for about 4 months nothing happened. HAHA! How naive was I? I literally thought I may just get pregnant. You spend so many years trying not to get pregnant that you expect it to just happen. Familiar story anyone???

Its not in my nature to wait so I went to the doctors and told them we had been trying for a year and I had the standard tests done. When my FSH result came back it was 19.8 and the doctors said, and I do quote, “your hormones arent quite there yet”. I was referred to a most hideous doctor at the local hospital who laughed at me when I told  him what the GP had said, asked me if I was having hot flushes and told me that my only option was donor eggs. Basically I was menopausal.

EH??? I was only 31. I couldnt believe this was happening. And it was at that point I refused to accept that diagnosis.

I had my first and second IVF attempt locally. They were shambolic to say the very least. And my last IVF at the wonderful ARGC in London, who I cannot fault. Not least because they gave me my son but the whole experience was excellent.

During the 4 years it took to get pregnant I tried every trick in the fertility book!! Anything to make those eggs just a bit better quality. Supplements I took:

Dong Quai, Black Cohorst, Agnus Castus, Flaxseed oil, Wheatgrass, multi vits, Zita West vits, DHEA, Chia seeds, Maca, millions of different herbal teas (hence why I am selling a brand with all I drunk combined in one tea bag, see my website http://www.assistfertility.co.uk)

The list was endless, I would read everything I could on the issue and do anything the “experts” advised! I had accupuncture, reflexology, sacral cranial therapy, pilates and Yoga. Phew!  I was a busy girl!

It was so totally worth it though!

So thats a little bit about the journey. And now I’m back to roller coaster. Trying naturally for a bit at first. Lets see what happens!






2 responses to “A brief history of my fertility fun

  1. Hey there, you sound like me taking and trying everything. Although my FSH levels have always been quite low, my doc thinks egg quality might be an issue since I’ve had three miscarriages. I started taking royal jelly to see if that helps (I didn’t see that one listed above but I’ve read good things). I’m so glad you made it through the other side with one baby and good luck on the second!! BTW, I am American but I went to college in London for a year and I LOVED England! (I secretly wish I were British 🙂 ).

  2. Hello. Thanks for leaving your comment. Also loving the wishing you were British part! Where about in America are you from. I have loads of family that live there.

    So sorry to hear about your miscarriages. Have you ever had an estradiol test done? FSH and estradiol affect each other and can mask your true FSH levels. What I mean is, if your estradiol level is high, it can be artificially suppressing your FSH level. Its just a thought, you probably have that covered anyway. Also, have you had an antral folical count done?

    Re: Royal Jelly. Its something I’ve read a bit about but its very expensive. However, I will try it out! Why not! If you keep reading my blog you will see that I will try anything and everything!

    Have a look at my website http://www.assistfertility.co.uk and tell me what you think!

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