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Merry Christmas me.

Well a very Merry Christmas to me. AF arrived this morning! Fooking great.

Although I have my son I still feel that my body has let me down…..again!!! And it makes me feel sad and angry and teary, all at the same time. Happy Fooking Christmas!

One of my lovely followers on Twitter said that  I should look on the bright side, and that I can go into 2013 with renewed determination and start afresh. And that I shall do.

Sending out positive thoughts into the universe to all those who take the time to read my words.



Yoga and Work

I managed to get to the Iyengar yoga class again. It really is unlike any Yoga I’ve ever been too and, I think I know why:

Yes, yes, I know its Wikipedia, but the info is fairly comprehensive.

We used belts and blocks in this class, and the teacher accused me of not listening to her! How very rude! I quite enjoyed it, the teacher read some interesting words from Mr Iyengar himself. I quite liked the spiritual side of it. Something about, Yoga helps us to know ourselves and by knowing ourselves we become strong and happier.

When I got my infertile diagnosis, what happened after that really taught me to “know” myself. Now I know that strength of will and refusing to be beaten are integral to my personality. I’m certainly a much stronger person.

And that is good.

Someone once said to me,

“everything will be alright in the end, and if its not alright, its not the end”

I totally live by that. Love that quote.

The second big thing to happen this week is,  I went to work for the day! Eeeek! I hadn’t stepped into that office in over 9 months. Work head most certainly wasn’t on and I kept forgetting to speak! Haha! Trying to communicate with my colleagues was an interesting one. I’m back tomorrow for round 2!

Still trying for baby nos 2 the natural way.I wonder if I’ll ever get that “happy accident”?

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Increase your egg health

Just been reading a really interesting article about improving egg health.

If you’ve been reading my blog you will know that my poor little eggs are well past their prime! I’ve had a number of FSH tests done. The first one came back as 19.8 (I understand that when it reaches 20 you are considered in your menopause). I’ve had a couple of others that were around 10/12 which isn’t great considering I was in my early 30’s at the time. (For NHS funded IVF your FSH must be below 10)

The FSH test on the month I did get pregnant, ,my level was 7.1 – totally normal.

What I like about this article is that it talks about eggs being on a 90 day cycle and that there is a way to improve their quality. Most NHS doctors dispute this claim I believe. I suppose it’s all about the “medium” they are grown/matured in. So if you provide a nurturing and healthy place for them to grow, they will be the best they can be.

I love taking natural supplements actually and love finding new ones too! And I’m selling fertility tea, as I love the feeling of doing something nurturing for my fertility every day. My website is

click this link to see the article I was reading:



DHEA – supplemental plus catch up on my general fertility fun!

DHEA update……………….massive boil appeared on my back!! Dammit!

Still taking it though!

Missed Iyengar yoga this week, such a shame as really wanted to get there but I had to attend the birthday of my friends little boy Jack. He was 1. She is a PCOS sufferer but managed to have the baby without any intervention. How? I dont know how anyone else gets pregnant naturally. I’d love that feeling. I wondered what a missed period would be like, because for me it probably means I’ve actually hit the menopause, rather then I’m up the duff!! haha!

I’ve been recommended to try Royal Jelly, so thats what I’m going to do.

Did anyone see the stuff on December the 11 being the most fertile day for those in the UK and USA?? What do you think? Totally load of old rubbish or not??

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I’ve decided to start taking DHEA again. I took this before when I was trying to get pregnant. I took it in the 6 months prior to getting my positive pregnancy test.

Its an interesting one because the side effects were hideous! Terrible spots, and not just pimples, literally boils, all over my face, chest and back. When you are feeling horrible in general due to infertility, the last thing you want is to also look pretty horrible too. But there did seem to be good evidence of DHEA working well for those with knackered eggs! So that’s what made me continue to take it.

As I’m sure you will remember from my earlier post, my initial FSH result was 19.8. After taking DHEA, and on the month I went ahead with my third and successful round of IVF, it had been reduced to 7.1. Which is entirely normal.

So good news indeed. And it made all the boils worth while in the end.

It did increase my progesterone level (hence spots) as DHEA is a “mother hormone” and your body will convert it in to all sorts of different hormones, mine used it to create an excess of progesterone. High progesterone is not good when starting an IVF cycle, nor can I imagine would it be good if you were trying naturally. But 2 days after I stopped taking it my progesterone had gone back to normal levels. Therefore, a small price to pay for such a dramatic drop in my FSH levels and, what I’m assuming was an increase in my egg quality.

So I’ve started to take it again. But not in such a high dose. Cant handle those blasted spots that’s for sure.

I’ve been reading about Red Clover being beneficial to those “older woman” looking to conceive. Although I’m not yet 40, my eggs have surely aged badly, so I always like to read the literature with those over 40 in mind. Red Clover is in the tea that I am selling, and drinking. Have a look at my Facebook page for more info.

So, who else is taking DHEA or has experience taking it? Good or bad, I’d love to hear from you.

Juice Cleanse

Argh. I feel horrific. Started Juice Cleanse for fertility this morning and by lunch time I had cloudy vision and a cracking headache.

I had too get my Mum to look after the baby while I went to bed for an hour.

That’s not supposed to happen is it?? Feel horrendous.

Iyengar Yoga

Today  I did an Iyengar Yoga class. I had read about it in the book Inconceivable. It was one of the many things the author did in order to get pregnant.

Luckily they run this class in my gym. I did enjoy it. It was good for stretching but I do struggle to see how a yoga class can help a persons fertility? Yes it was relaxing and nice to have a break from things, it just didn’t feel very dynamic. But here’s the thing. I’m still going to carry on going to this class. It certainly cannot do any harm that’s for sure! And maybe I’ll just get very bendy!?

The teacher was very interesting too.  A small, thin woman who barked out her instruction to the class. And made those not quite doing the pose right, re-set and do it over until they got it right! Not particularly Zen! Haha!

So that’s me for the day. Just waiting for the boiler man to come now – oooooh, the glamour!

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A brief history of my fertility fun

I thought I would write a post about all the “fun” I had whilst trying for a baby. A bit of a brief history. And I would love to hear from others who have been or are in the same boat as me with a similar diagnosis.

I had been on the pill since I was 18 when I got married at 31 so I stopped taking it then. My mother had struggled to have me for years so I always had a vague appreciation that getting pregnant may be a struggle for me too. It had taken mum, 5 years to have me but her fertility issue was that she was not ovulating. She had been given Clomid but not taken it I understand.

So I came off the pill and for about 4 months nothing happened. HAHA! How naive was I? I literally thought I may just get pregnant. You spend so many years trying not to get pregnant that you expect it to just happen. Familiar story anyone???

Its not in my nature to wait so I went to the doctors and told them we had been trying for a year and I had the standard tests done. When my FSH result came back it was 19.8 and the doctors said, and I do quote, “your hormones arent quite there yet”. I was referred to a most hideous doctor at the local hospital who laughed at me when I told  him what the GP had said, asked me if I was having hot flushes and told me that my only option was donor eggs. Basically I was menopausal.

EH??? I was only 31. I couldnt believe this was happening. And it was at that point I refused to accept that diagnosis.

I had my first and second IVF attempt locally. They were shambolic to say the very least. And my last IVF at the wonderful ARGC in London, who I cannot fault. Not least because they gave me my son but the whole experience was excellent.

During the 4 years it took to get pregnant I tried every trick in the fertility book!! Anything to make those eggs just a bit better quality. Supplements I took:

Dong Quai, Black Cohorst, Agnus Castus, Flaxseed oil, Wheatgrass, multi vits, Zita West vits, DHEA, Chia seeds, Maca, millions of different herbal teas (hence why I am selling a brand with all I drunk combined in one tea bag, see my website

The list was endless, I would read everything I could on the issue and do anything the “experts” advised! I had accupuncture, reflexology, sacral cranial therapy, pilates and Yoga. Phew!  I was a busy girl!

It was so totally worth it though!

So thats a little bit about the journey. And now I’m back to roller coaster. Trying naturally for a bit at first. Lets see what happens!