Evening Primrose Oil

I was reading an article on line at naturalnews.com regarding the benefits of using evening primrose oil to enhance your fertility. Apparently, the evening primrose oil is a Native American Cure-all, with a long history of being used to heal.

So I went and bought some. I thought it may be worth a go and certainly wouldnt do any harm.

I have a long history of doing whatever it takes to fall pregnant. I was told that I would never have my own baby and that my only option was donor eggs. I was only 31 at the time. Being dismissed by the NHS and asked whether I was “having hot flashes” really lit a rocket under me and thus started the quest to try all means possible to have my baby.

So now I’m going to try again for a sibling for my little man. Hubby says “no more IVF” I dont blame him either because I’m not too keen myself at the moment. So lets try the natural way first.

I am also drinking the fertility tea.



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